AUREA Step Into The Gloden Age

join us in the golden age as an

sept 9th - 11th

Aho friends and family! 

If you’re reading this, we see you as an example of a Golden Age leader.

We want to reward your effort and heart at our upcoming 3 day immersion with over 500 people

AUREA was founded to bring courageous healers and leaders from around the world together while highlighting the extraordinary people here in Miami. 

We invite you to amplify yourself at AUREA and earn rewards for helping gather amazing souls to this unique Miami experience. 

We have paid affiliate opportunities for generating ticket sales, bringing in sponsors, and opportunities for you to attend AUREA for free in exchange for contributing your time or talent. 

Please click below if you’re interested! 

earn gold with aurea

If you’re interested in being an affiliate for AUREA please complete our easy application and receive your CUSTOM affiliate link. 

We are paying 50% for $97 livestream ticket sales and 15% for $247 General Admission and $749 VIP Tickets.

All you need to do is share your link with your tribe, or post our flyers on social media. We even have custom flyers for you.

Here are examples:

Earn rewads as an affiliate

If you’re interested in being an affiliate for AUREA click below to complete our easy application and receive your CUSTOM affiliate link. 

Even if people don’t purchase in the moment, our affiliate system tracks every lead you drive to our sales page.

This lead will experience re-targeting ads on social media for weeks after they leave the page. If they convert to a sale within a YEAR, you get the commission! 

The sale is attributed to the first affiliate that gets tagged to the user, so it pays to get the word out quickly and drive views to your affiliate link!

For any questions, and to get your custom flyer, please text Jeff Parker at 205.331.3007.

Thank you for getting the word out about this epic gathering!

Earn Extra GOLD As A Sponsorship Ambassador

Make a connection for us to a brand sponsor who invests and get a 20% commission on $1,000 – $10,000 sponsorships. 

How you can gift to aUREA for a free ticket

  1. Event Support – managing check-ins, assisting with run of show, answering questions, moving chairs, cleaning up, selling beverages, supporting the VIP lounge. 
  2. Healer’s Lounge – be a healer in our wellness chill zone lounge to help participants recharge. 
  3. AUREAN Model – get painted in sparkling gold and be icons throughout the event. 
  4. Mastermind Ambassadors on Saturday and Sunday – this involves a bit of sales, and comes with big commissions as a reward (must also support the event).
  5. A Special Offering that enhances and aligns with AUREA – we are very open minded to hear your creative proposals. 

We would love for you to be part of this incredible event. 

Fill out the form below to join us!

Join us!

AUREA Step Into The Gloden Age