Sept 9th - 11th
miami, faena forum

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aurea, leadership in the golden age

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During A Time of Great Division

a golden age is rising

AUREA: Leadership In The Golden Age is a summit of leaders, musicians, and activators of consciousness.

We’re here to light The Golden Path to your power, purpose, and passion.

Through transformational presentations, music, and consciousness-expanding activations you’ll upgrade your ability to create the life of your dreams.  

Join us at Faena Forum in Miami on September 9th – 11th.

AUREA Will Provide...

  • Extraordinary New Solutions to Challenges Facing Humanity
  • inspiration to Give Your Gifts to the Fullest
  • How to Build A New Earth through Community
  • permaculture food cultivation methods
  • Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship training
  • Advanced Leadership Research & Techniques
  • Personal Stories of Change Makers Who Overcame Resistance
  • profound lessons from past and present Controversies
  • Cutting Edge Health Optimization & Activism
  • Ancient Spiritual wisdom in a modern context
  • the Faith and Mindset of Golden Age Leadership
  • So much more

Meet The Leaders Presenting At AUREA

Sean Stone

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Dr. Joél Bohemier

Expert on Natural Health In Body, Mind, and Spirit. Named As One Of The Top 25 Chiropractors In The Country By Natural Health Advocate, Senior Advisor for 

Mike Winner

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Josh Del Sol

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Hadiiya Barbel

LinkedIn’s #1 Coach for content creators seeking to speak their truth and create businesses from their core passion.

Jim Gale

Food Forest Abundance is Jim’s Gale’s organization to build a more free, healthy, and abundant society. They provide education, design, and installation of edible food forests and permaculture gardens for every landscape.

Jason Crowe

Creator of Qortal, the first truly decentralized blockchain-based infrastructure platform capable of rebuilding the internet based on individual power rather than corporate control.

Uplifting World Music & Ecstatic Dace

Throughout our presentations, in-between speakers, and during closing ceremonies gifted musicians will keep your spirit lifted, your body energized, and your mind focused.

Giselle World

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Lotus Collective

Expert on Natural Health In Body, Mind, and Spirit. Named As One Of The Top 25 Chiropractors In The Country By Natural Health Advocate, Senior Advisor for 


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Spiritual Activations

To find new potentials of being and growth, we must expand our consciousness and connect deeply to ourselves and Spirit.

AUREA will be guided by sacred moments of clarity, creativity, and Higher Consciousness.

join us to create the world your heart knows is possible

A Message to AUREA Attendees From Paul Chek

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an invitation from AUREA's hosts:
jeff parker & jackson strong

We invite those who dare to dream, live free, and speak their truth in spite of any and all challenges

Join us to know, feel, and believe in yourself and in your mission like never before

It’s easy to fall into the trap of despair and not give our gifts fully. Everyday we’re told to be afraid.  We’re made to feel like we’re not enough.  We’re tempted think that the problems of the world are too big, too tragic, too complex to solve…  Your opportunity NOW is step into your Leader’s Journey, and see our challenges as Divinely-Appointed Opportunities to rise into your heroic potential.  We call that GOLDEN AGE LEADERSHIP.
Everything about AUREA, every speaker, every vendor, every  moment, is intentionally designed to bring your greatest qualities and consciousness to the surface.
You will leave with a new community, an inspired heart, and an elevated capacity to build the Golden Age on Earth 

View Performances From AUREA Activators And Musicians

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Giselle World

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Sacred Union

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Julia Grace

The Five Pillars of AUREA


Join us to witness proven leaders sharing the skills, habits, and methods to unlock your power.

You life depends on your ability to lead yourself, your loved ones, and the tribe you intend to influence.


Fortifying our faith and overcoming fear is crucial to stepping into our Divine Purpose and owning our Hero's Journey.

Come connect with those who have found their creative power and spiritual center to live with peace, presence, and passion.


We all have a critical role in the cosmic symphony of life.

Humanity is craving guidance from proven leaders in how to tap into their talents and profit from expressing their unique gifts. Now it's you turn


Owning our health decisions is crucial, especially in the age of Covid.

Now is the time to learn how to unleash your energy, increase your immunity, and elevate into your highest potential.


What's really going on the in the world? What's at risk if we don't step up as Golden Age Leaders?

Come, find out, and tell the world about how YOU can step up and address these issues as a Golden Age Leader.

What’s The Pricing For AUREA?

Livestream AUREA Online

$ FREE Until September 12th at Midnight
  • Stream AUREA 9.9 - 9.11
  • Witness Golden Age Leaders
  • Listen to Musicians

Early Bird VIP Special Access

$ 749 On-Sale Until August 15th
  • VIP Party Friday 1 - 4pm
  • Back Stage Access All Weekend
  • Permanent Livestream Access

Early Bird General Admission

$ 197 On-Sale Until August 15th
  • General Admission Access
  • Permanent Livestream Access
  • Stepping Into The Golden Age

Join the VIP experience!

The speakers behind AUREA are historic world-changers. One conversation, one connection, one moment with any of them could change your life or your business forever. 

By investing in a VIP ticket you’ll have new power to shift your life forever. 

Join us!

AUREA's Speaker & Activation Schedule

  • Our ceremony begins at 1pm for VIP ticket holders
  • For General Admission, doors open at 5pm
  • Intention-setting, meditation, music and blessings to open the space
  • David & Leila Centner "Miami's Most Philanthropic Power Couple" address attendees
  • Giselle World performs live

  • The day begins with dynamic movement meditation with Yogi Shelly at 8am
  • Speeches and presentations on Leadership and an exploration of what's at Stake in our modern society
  • In the afternoon we'll stay focused with developing and maximizing the expression of our life Purpose
  • In the evening we'll have world-class keynote speeches
  • The evening will end with a Sacred Union ceremony celebrating masculine and feminine polarity
  • To close the night we'll have an ecstatic dance and drum circle in the powerful vibrations of the full moon

  • The day begins at 8am with The Wave moving meditation from Julia Grace
  • We then merge into our speeches and panels on Spirituality
  • In the afternoon we have extraordinary livestream presentations from Paul Chek, David Avocado Wolf, and Leah Wilson
  • We'll close ceremonies at 6pm for networking and relaxation and then Lotus Collective will perform from 7pm - 8:30pm

Join Us At Faena Forum Sept 9th - 11th

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