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Create Your Calling In A 12 Month mastermind Alliance

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Inner work • conscious Marketing • Money Mastery

Your Calling Is Waiting


AUREA Was created to inspire world-changing entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders

but inspiration isn’t enough

your tribe needs you to step up

Now Is the appointed time

divinely aligned prosperity, passion, & purpose are all waiting on you to answer Your calling

AUREA 1 was a summit of leaders, artists, and activators of consciousness.

Our mission was to light The Golden Path to your greatest power, purpose, and passion. 

If you joined us or not, our mission continues with the Leader’s Journey. A 12 Month Mastermind to unlock your greatest gifts.


  • A 12 month curriculum based on The hero’s journey that will profitably bring your greatest gifts to the world
  • A proven process to make the internal shifts required to step up as a golden age leader
  • leading sales and marketing methods so you can embody your power without feeling like a sell out
  • phd-level financial guidance on how to reinvent your relationship with money
  • a community of like-minded entrepreneurs making a massive impact in the world
  • step-by-step guidance on how to design the websites, emails, advertisements that a modern business needs
  • So much more

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join us to create the world your heart knows is possible

What is the hero's journey and how can it impact your life?

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Join us to know, feel, and believe in yourself and in your mission like never before

It’s easy to fall into the trap of despair and not give our gifts fully.

Everyday we’re told to be afraid.

We’re made to feel like we’re not enough.

We’re tempted to think that the problems of the world are too big, too tragic, too complex to solve…

Your opportunity NOW is step into your Leader’s Journey, and see your challenges as Divinely-Appointed Opportunities to rise into your heroic potential.


Everything about The Leader’s Journey is intentionally designed to bring your greatest qualities and consciousness to the surface.

You will leave with a new community, an inspired heart, and an elevated capacity to build the Golden Age on Earth.

What Will You Receive On The Leader's Journey?

  • A 12 Month Curriculum Modeled After The Historically-Proven Hero’s Journey
  • A Step by step map for embodying your truth and expressing it to the world
  • An Annual In-Person 3 Day Workshop
  • 12 – Monthly group Training Calls
  • 12  – Leader Of The Month Guest Teacher Calls
  • 12  – Open Q&A Hot Seat Calls
  • 12  – Mastermind Calls with Your Peers for Feedback and insight
  • 12  – Monthly coaching calls with jeff
  • 12  – monthly coaching calls with jackson
  • 12  – monthly coaching calls with Dr. Crystal
  • online group forum for sharing your thoughts with the team
  • BONUS: 2 VIP tickets to the next aUREA Experience ($1800 Value)
  • BONUS: Divine Alignment Course with Jeff Parker ($3500 Value)
  • BONUS: Service-Driven Sales with Jackson Strong ($3500 Value)
  • BONUS: Step into freedom with Dr. Gifford ($5000 Value)
  • Paid in full bonus: Private 90 minute coaching call with Jeff, Jackson, and Dr. Crystal AND two tickets to the next pursuit of kings event

There is nothing like the leader’s journey! this level of personal connection combined with the power of the hero’s journey framework will yield massive results. 

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Countdown To the leader's journey

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The leader's journey month by month

Module 1: The Aureantation

❖ November 2022

❖ Theme: Accessing the AUREAN LEADERSHIP Principles within

❖ Skills: Assessment, Self Knowing, Goals and Why


❖ December 2022

❖ Theme: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone And Prepare for Rapid Transformation

❖ Skill: Building new habits and confidence through group challenge

Divine Alignment Program with Jeff Parker begins

Module 3: aurean allies

❖ January 2023

❖ Theme: Manifesting mentors, guides and allies to take your Aurean Mission into the world

❖ Skill: Building a Power Team of guides, role models, and accountability.

Module 4: aurean shadow alignment

❖ February 2023

❖ Theme: Becoming aware of your unique traps and sirens to master your shadow and break through the barriers to sustain next level success

❖ Skill: Deep discovery of your internal saboteurs and the creation of plans to pull you back on track

Module 5: aurean atonement

❖ March 2023

❖ Theme: Accepting the Divine Mission to become one with your Destiny and committing to a new Aurean business strategy.

❖ Skill: Buy in. Client avatar discovery. Begin serving them by creating a workshop, a masterclass, videos, or a program.

Module 6: aurean apotheosis

❖ April 2023

❖ Theme: “Elevation of a person to a status of a God” - announcing your mission to public and exercising both your powers and responsibilities

❖ Skill:Creating your technology infrastructure (website, messaging, email, group)

Service-Driven Selling with Jackson Strong begins

Module 7: Reaping The Aurean Gold

❖ May 2023

❖ Theme: It is time to reap the rewards of the Leader’s efforts by goal setting and putting systems into the market and to manifest soulmate clients

❖ Skill: Putting your offering into the market.

The extraordinary LIVE, On-Site 3-day Leader’s Journey™ Mastermind Training will occur within Month 7 or 8 for three days of workshops, community support and growth to propel your business and your inner character as a Golden Age Leader

Module 8: Aurean Action

❖ June 2023

❖ Theme: Confronting the resistance to share your new identity, business, and contribution with mankind

❖ Skill: Build a community chat, share wisdom on social media through a content calendar

Module 9: The Magic Flight

❖ July 2023

❖ ThemE: With new identity embodied, the Hero moves in tunnel vision towards the goal, in full faith and surrender to the magical aid of the universe

❖ Skill: Sustaining momentum, and creating the next big offering to serve

Module 10: Aurean Team Building

❖ August 2023

❖ ThemE: No grand vision is achieved solo - at this stage, the Leader assesses the mission’s needs and brings other humans on board assist the cause

❖ SKILL: : Scaling the business with strategic partnerships, contractors, and affiliates

Step into Freedom with Dr. Crystal Gifford begins





Module 12: AUREAN Master of Worlds

❖ October 2023

❖ Theme: Finding unity between your spiritual journey, your emotional growth, and your newfound identity as an AUREAN Leader.

❖ Skill: Energy and Commitments Assessment and Re-investment.

Countdown To the leader's journey

enrollment closes november 7th

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