If you're a Change-Maker, join us for...
The Transformational event for Spiritual entrepreneurs
Miami  |  6.9 - 6.11
The Transformational Event
For Spiritual Entrepreneurs
Watch To Discover AUREA ↑
↑ Watch To Discover AUREA ↑

here's what can you expect AT


here's what can you expect AT

answer your calling
AUREA: Answer Your Calling is a three day transformational event for spiritual entrepreneurs and awakening change-makers

You'll experience interactive workshops, world-class networking, and paradigm-shifting presentations from 25+ speakers and activators.

Join us June 9th - June 11th to breakthrough to the next level in your consciousness, business, health, personal development & more. 

We all have a Calling, we're here to inspire you to answer yours, and create thriving soul-aligned businesses that can change the world.
AUREA: Answer Your Calling is a three day transformational event for spiritual entrepreneurs and change-makers. Join us to experience interactive workshops, world-class networking, and paradigm-shifting presentations from 25+ speakers. 

On June 9th to June 11th break through to the next level in your consciousness, business, health, personal development and more. You have a Calling to do something incredible and important in this life. We're here to inspire, activate, and serve in turning it into a thriving soul-aligned business

Join us!

AUREA Testimonials

"Absolutely beautiful, so much gratitude."
"So much knowledge being shared."
"It was like electricity running through me."

aurea is YOUR bridge between



aurea is YOUR bridge between



  • Insights From Proven Leaders so you can break free from fear and false beliefs holding you back
  • ​Cutting Edge Marketing Methods so you can embody your soul-driven purpose and prosper
  • ​Secrets From Hidden History to access the truth about who you are, where we're going, and who's hiding the truth
  • ​Inspiring Community Connections of soul-driven entrepreneurs, artists, creators and leaders tapping into their highest expression
  • ​Extraordinary Presentations from world-changing leaders in business, the arts, spirituality, and science
  • ​​528hz Miracle Frequency Activations this ancient "Solfeggio" love frequency is woven throughout AUREA
  • ​Intentional Visioning Processes that break through mental noise and allow you to experience The Divine
  • ​World Music and Dance that awakens your heart and empowers your soul to create new visions
  • ​​Personal Empowerment and shame-releasing exercises so you can speak your truth!
  • ​Extraordinary Presentations from world-changing leaders in business, the arts, spirituality, and science
  • ​​528hz "Miracle Frequency" Activations ancient "Solfeggio" love frequencies are woven throughout AUREA
  • ​Intentional Visioning Processes that allow you to experience Divine Inspiration
  • ​World Music and Dance that awakens your heart and empowers your soul
  • Personal Empowerment and shame-releasing exercises so you can speak your truth!

AUREA means "Golden" in Latin

AUREA means "Golden" in Latin

We chose this name (pronounced "Or-REE-ah") because--despite global challenges--we are now shifting into a new Golden Age

This moment in history has been prophesied by saints and sages around the world for centuries. 

AUREA is here to serve in activating your power and invite you into a community of spiritual entrepreneurs that are stepping boldly into this new era.

AUREA Testimonials

"A lot of smiles, high energy!"
"World-class speakers, the connections...the people!"
"This weekend was beautiful."

join golden age leaders in spirituality, entrepreneurship, peRsonal growth & more!

join golden age leaders in spirituality, business, Personal Growth & More

We gather the world's greatest change-makers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs So You Can walk Your Golden Path...

sayer ji

Founder GreenMedInfo.com, Unite.live, Best-Selling Author, Natural Health Pioneer

adam roa

Poet, Author, Spoken Word Artist, Soul-Driven Entrepreneur

troy casey

The "Certified Health Nut"
Iconic health leader, longevity expert, Speaker, Coach

Gerald Rogers

Master Hypnotist, Superconscious Mind Reprogramming Expert

Mayah rose

Founder of The Speakers Coalition and Creator of Fem-Intuition, Intuition Expert

Mark donohue

"Top 100 Thought Leader" in Trustworthy Business Behavior, CEO Life Guides, Investor


Founder and CEO One Golden Thread regenerative clothing, Spoken-word Poet

Ebyan Chimba

Poet, Decolonial and Indigenization Speaker, & Teacher of Feminine Mysticism

Robert ALthuis

Author, Speaker on awakened leadership, change agent for regenerative business

jasmin terrany, LMHC

Author, Speaker, Life Therapist, LMHC, Ed.M, MA, Columbia University

REY Perez

Global Branding Expert, Public Speaker, Event Producer, Philanthropist, Angel Investor

Yarixa Ferrao

Founder, Unleash Movement, Embodiment Coach, Self-Expression Alchemist

Giselle fiumara

Kundalini Teacher, Founder of Dharmik Marketing, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Sean stone

Filmmaker, media host, author, actor, poet, speaker, truth-seeker and activist

kaya leigh

Founder, Sacred Breath Academy, Divine Feminine Teacher, Mystery School Leader

Dr. leonard horowitz

Author, Award-Winning Author, Global Expert In 528hz Frequency Therapeutics

Jilly Torrez

"The Water Priestess," Spiritual Entrepreneur, Expert Speaker on Common vs. Natural law


Founder, Crypto Made Easy, Investor, Former Accountant, Podcaster, Speaker

Michelle mras

Global Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Executive Speaker Coach, 7x Best Selling Author


Doctor of Oriental medicine
Founder of orenda school of love, sacred sexuality teacher

Jon palmar

Social Media Growth Expert & Content coach to Millionaire & Billonaire entrepreneurs

Adam silberstein

executive Communication & Culture coach to top performing Companies and entrepreneurs

joyce HADDAD

Founder, Spiritual Divorce, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Psychologist

Ben Zaemisch & GG Free

Inspirational spoken word artists, creator of TheManicSerenity.com & Children's Book Author

andrew hague

Breath-work Facilitator and Yoga Teacher for 1Heart Journeys

Manning sumner

CEO & Founder of LegacyFit Gyms & NO DAYS OFF

Jonathan Barry

Impact Investor, Futurist, Philanthropist and Founder of MindLab.Institute

melissa ruiz

activating New Earth Leaders to start & scale their soul biz while building wealth & impact

paul hutchinson

Founder, Child Liberation Foundation, Co-Founder of Bridge Investment Group

fabian graff

International Development, Viridis Terra restoration projects, Real Estate Investor

Wellness Oasis leader


Founder of The ALVA Method (Amplify Love & Vibrate Abundance), Transformational Love & Intimacy Guide, speaker
Michelle and her team of healers will restore your energy throughout the AUREA weekend so you can integrate your new visions!



Marketing & Mindset Mentor, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur, Former Private Equity & Enterprise Software Executive

Jeff parker

Divine Alignment Coach, Transformational Experience Creator, Former Electrical Engineer and Patent Attorney

A message from the founders

Dear AUREA Tribe,

It is our mission to serve in activating your highest potential to create the life, business, and community of your dreams. It is our commitment that you have a stellar experience at AUREA in every way.

Before AUREA, we had decade+ careers in private equity, corporate sales, electrical engineering and patent law before turning deep into our spiritual journeys, harmonizing our head and heart and serving others.

With service in mind, we Co-Founded the Miami men's group: Pursuit of Kings. After excursion into The Everglades in the summer of 2022, we received a powerful message: create a Summit of soul-driven entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries who know a better world is possible.

We were blessed with amazing speakers, partners, and sponsors who brought AUREA to life. We heard Our Calling and we Answered it. AUREA is here to help you do the same.

Do you desire cutting edge insights from spiritual, marketing, health leaders and more? Are you seeking a community of inspired creators who play fluently in both the spiritual and the material world? 

If so, a new Golden Age is yours, here and now, if you choose it. 

Are you ready to step onto your Golden Path? Join us!

Best Regards,

Jackson Strong & Jeff Parker
AUREA Co-Founders



Imagine your favorite festival combined with a hardcore business mastermind. 

Networking opportunities will abound in-between sessions, music and dance will drive the experience, you'll find deep inspiration for your future and proven guidance required to bring it to fruition.

Every moment of AUREA: Answer Your Calling has been hand-crafted to ensure your greatest transformation.

where will
be held?

Join us at The Sacred Space in beautiful Miami, Florida! 

This venue has been an iconic location for spiritual events for over 16 years. We have deep gratitude and respect to Founder Karla Dascal and her team for their leadership and spiritual integrity in Miami.

The Sacred Space is located in Wynwood/Edgewater convenient to many attractions, hotels, restaurants, and nightlife.

this event
is absolutely For you if...

  • Your KNOW you were meant for more
  • ​You DESIRE to find your soul tribe
  • You SEEK deep wisdom to grow 
  • You EMBODY your truth in all you do
Backstage at the AUREA Speaker Meet & Greet Party

this event
is definitely NOT  For you if...

  • You're content with the current status quo
  • ​You're waiting for someone else to save you 
  • You're not ready to step into your greatness 
  • You want to be a victim more than a Creator

Total Value for three days: $1,500+

Your offer Today:

JUST $349

  • Personal Facetime with World-Changers: Priceless
  • ​Practical Steps for Living Your Highest Purpose Everyday: Priceless
  • ​Getting Access to Proven Methods for Aligned Abundance: Priceless
  • ​​Ushering In A New Golden Age for Humanity: Priceless
  • ​Downloading Ancient Secrets Into Your Modern Life: Priceless
  • ​Getting Access to Hidden Wisdom: Priceless

frequently asked questions

 What does AUREA mean and how do I say it?
"Aurea" means golden in latin, and think of the cookie, but with an "A" at the end. 
  Is there going to be a recording of the event?
Yes, the replay will be available for purchase so you can relive this incredible moment.
 I have a purpose-driven business idea, but I haven't started it yet, is this event for me?
Yes it is! AUREA is the perfect event to kickstart your courage and get access to a plan of action so you can manifest it.
 I’ve been growing my business for a while, but now I’m stuck. Should I attend?
There are always new levels. Always new ideas and partnerships. The attendees and speakers at AUREA will unlock extraordinary new growth for you and your mission.
 I’ve been to other business events, but was always bored and not "aligned." Why will this be different?
AUREA is a different vibration and frequency altogether. Our speakers, intentions, and ceremonial experiences are here to bring you into the full reception of your soul AND give you a plan. 
 I don’t have the whole 3 days to attend, but I’d still like to join. Can I?
Sorry, AUREA is a 3 day experience and we don't offer partial tickets. However we would love to have you join us!

the truth: the world needs you

the truth: the world needs you

Don't mistake our optimism for naiveté. As much as we celebrate our tribal connection, community, and higher conscious, we know that we face grave challenges and danger

The economy, mega-corporations, and corrupt politicians pose a threat to our prosperity and freedom. 

AUREA is a clarion call for the peaceful warriors, Kings, and Queens to stand up, join forces, and activate our power to impact the world. 

We all have a destiny. Our mission is to serve in bringing YOURS to life

It's time. You have been called. Join us and co-create a new Golden Age that can THRIVE no matter what happens in the world.

the aurea schedule

AUREA is a 3 day immersive experience designed to catalyze a transformation in your life. 

We have cold breakfast available as well as shared, intentional lunches and dinners from Love Life Cafe using the restaurant space on site.

Friday - VISION
8:00am - Optional Yoga / Breakfast
9:00am - Starting Ceremony
Speaker Presentations & Activations
1:00pm - Lunch in the courtyard
Speaker Presentations & Activations
5:00pm - Hypnosis with Gerald Rogers
6:30pm - Dinner in the courtyard
8:00pm - Unleash Experience with Coach Yari

Saturday - TRIBE
8:00am - Masculine Morning / Feminine Rising
9:00am - Womb Blessing & Sacred Union
Speaker Presentations & Activations
1:00pm - Lunch in the courtyard
Speaker Presentations & Activations
6:30pm - Dinner in the courtyard
8:00pm - Community Song Circle JAM 

8:00am - Chi, Breath & Movement 
9:00am - Presentations Start
1:00pm - Lunch in the courtyard
5:00pm - 528 Hz Meditation
6:00pm - Closing Ceremony & Celebration

a note about 528hz and aurea

Perhaps you are familiar, perhaps not, but 528hz is the "miracle frequency" sound of love. It has been known since ancient times to have profound healing potential for the heart, mind, and emotions. 

The essence of this frequency is infused into everything that we do at AUREA. The below video from our speaker Dr. Leonard Horowitz has over 8.7 million views and details this incredible truth.

We invite you to become familiar with this extraordinary energy, sound, and vibration. It is going to make AUREA an absolutely extraordinary experience.
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