AUREA Step Into The Gloden Age

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You’re going to have an incredible time with us at the Faena on Sept 9th – 11th.

As you know, you’ll be face to face with extraordinary speakers from around the world. 

Did you know that we’ll have at least THREE recording areas rolling?

we’ll be recording wisdom from our speakers and influencers throughout the entire event!

sadly we can only be in one place at a time…

so How will you take this incredible knowledge with you after AUREA?

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  • Cutting-Edge Blockchain Trends To Distribute Power and Prosperity​
  • How to Grow Permaculture Gardens at STUNNING Speed and Quality​
  • Profound Spiritual Practices to Tap Into Higher Consciousness​
  • Emotional Purification Techniques to Find Faith Over Fear​
  • Secrets of World History So You Can Predict Future Events​
  • So Much More!​

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