Jackson Strong

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of AUREA Jackson serves the AUREA community and the AUREA Board of Directors with a singular focus: creating the new Golden Age for purpose-driven leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Jackson’s professional life began in high-tech private equity and software sales where he worked with some of the largest investment banks and tech companies in the world. He successfully exited two businesses that sold for approximately $500M each. 

However throughout this time, his heart and soul longed for a deeper experience with life, and he knew that these weren’t games that he wanted to play. So in 2016 he started Strong Growth Marketing, a mindset and marketing consultancy focused on heart-centered entrepreneurs. For 6 years Jackson served incredible teachers and leaders around the world who were bringing their dreams to life.

In 2022, after a trip to the Everglades with the men’s group he co-led, Jackson co-founded AUREA. He now serves as a catalyst to massive growth for awakening entrepreneurs, artists, and creators.r


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