The Golden Future Party


May 27th, 2023


Future of Cities, Miami

The Golden Future Party

This gathering of western and indigenous thought leaders was a testament to the truth of The Eagle-Condor Prophecy.

If you’re unfamiliar, this 2,000+ year old prophecy stated that one day North America (symbolized by the Eagle) would come to dominate the world and nearly cause global destruction.

However before that happened, leaders from South America (symbolized by the Condor) would help bring our global society into balance. We are now in those days as the psychedelic renaissance and other facts prove.

AUREA’s mission is to embody and amplify the power of this prophetic truth as we bring our gifts to the world.

We were honored to host MindValley CEO Vishen Lakhiani along with other extraordinary guests.

Regenerative Placemaking panel led by Tony Cho featuring Silvia Benito, Alexandra Thome, and author Jamie Wheal

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