A Tribe of World-Changers

AUREA Speakers

If you are seeking to be part of the global awakening movement, you have found the leaders of it.

Paul Hutchinson - Executive Producer, "Sound of Freedom", Founder of Liberating Humanity, AUREA Strategic Advisor
Sayer Ji, Founder of GreenMedInfo & Dr. Tia Kansara, PhD, Founder of Replenish.Earth
mayah rose aurea
Mayah Rose, AUREA MC, Founder of The Speaker's Coalition and Femtuition
Gracia Maria, Medicine Woman, 1Heart Journeys
Tarixa Ferrao - Founder "Unleash"
Stephen Brooks, Founder Envision Festival & Punta Mona
Author, Speaker, Charles Eisenstein
Sacred Breath Academy Founder, Kaya Leigh
Adam Roa - Author, Poet, Speaker
Yawánawa Tribal Leaders
Jamie Wheal CLose up
Jamie Wheal, Author of "Stealing Fire" and "Recapture The Rapture"
Vishen - CEO, Mindvalley
Sean Stone - Filmmaker, Speaker, Author
giselle world aurea
Giselle World, International Medicine Musician, Speaker, Humanities Professor
Marketer, Speaker, Influencer, Shay Rowbottom

And so many more...

It's Time...

In these days of great change, our truth is needed. Join us and speak yours in service to humanity's ascension.