AUREA Step Into The Gloden Age

access The Wisdom of world-changers
at This Three Day Summit

September 9th – 11th, 2022

At The Faena Forum • Miami Beach

Live Streaming Globally

Presentations • World Music • Conscious Activations

Presentations • World Music Conscious Activations

During A Time of Great Division

a golden age
is rising

We invite those who dare to dream, live free, and speak their truth in spite of any and all challenges

AUREA Is Latin For “Golden,” We Chose This Name because despite the fear and chaos we face, 

Golden Age Is Rising… 


But there’s a catch…

YOU must claim it 

YOU must embody it 

YOU must choose to CO-CREATE IT

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AUREA: Step Into The Golden Age is a summit of leaders, artists, and activators of consciousness at the incredible Faena Forum in Miami Beach.

Join us and experience an activation of to your greatest power, purpose, and passion. 

Through transformational presentations, world music, and heart-opening activations you’ll accelerate your ability to create the life of your dreams.

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Meet The Leaders Presenting At AUREA

AUREA's presentations Will Provide...

  • Extraordinary New Solutions to Challenges Facing Humanity
  • inspiration to Give Your Gifts to the Fullest
  • How to Build A New Earth through Community
  • permaculture food cultivation methods
  • Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship training
  • Advanced Leadership Research & Techniques
  • Personal Stories of Change Makers Who Overcame Resistance
  • profound lessons from past and present Controversies
  • Cutting Edge Health Optimization & Activism
  • Ancient Spiritual wisdom in a modern context
  • the Faith and Mindset of Golden Age Leadership
  • So much more

Uplifting World Music
and Ecstatic Dance

Throughout our presentations, in-between speakers, and during closing ceremonies gifted musicians will keep your spirit lifted, your body energized, and your mind focused.

Giselle World

International recording artist, medicine woman, indigenous wisdom-keeper. Giselle’s sounds speak to the soul and invigorate the body.

Lotus Collective

A band only Miami could create. Lotus Collective blends latin rhythms with funk, reggae, and rock to create a unique sound they call Miami Rock.


Born in the Dominican Republic, trained by Zen Buddhist monks, tested on the tundra of Mongolia, Keysel’s sound is as unique and majestic as his story.

Spiritual Activations

Expansions in identity require expansions in consciousness. 

AUREA’s Spiritual Guides will open your heart and delight your soul with sound healing, inspired movement, and profound energetic healing.

join us to create the world your heart knows is possible

an invitation from AUREA's hosts
jeff parker & jackson strong

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Join us to know, feel, and believe in yourself and in your mission like never before

It’s easy to fall into the trap of despair and not give our gifts fully.

Everyday we’re told to be afraid.

We’re made to feel like we’re not enough.

We’re tempted to think that the problems of the world are too big, too tragic, too complex to solve…

Your opportunity NOW is step into your Leader’s Journey, and see our challenges as Divinely-Appointed Opportunities to rise into your heroic potential.


Everything about AUREA, every speaker, every vendor, every  moment, is intentionally designed to bring your greatest qualities and consciousness to the surface.

You will leave with a new community, an inspired heart, and an elevated capacity to build the Golden Age on Earth.

View Performances From AUREA Activators And Musicians

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Giselle World

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Sacred Union

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Julia Grace

The Five Pillars of AUREA


Join us to witness proven leaders sharing the skills, habits, and methods to unlock your power.

You life depends on your ability to lead yourself, your loved ones, and the tribe you intend to influence.


What's really going on the in the world? What's at risk if we don't step up as Golden Age Leaders?

Come, find out, and tell the world about how YOU can step up and address these issues as a Golden Age Leader.


We all have a critical role in the cosmic symphony of life.

Humanity is craving guidance from proven leaders in how to tap into their talents and profit from expressing their unique gifts. Now it's you turn


Fortifying our faith and overcoming fear is crucial to stepping into our Divine Purpose and owning our Hero's Journey.

Come connect with those who have found their creative power and spiritual center to live with peace, presence, and passion.


Owning our health decisions is crucial, especially in the age of Covid.

Now is the time to learn how to unleash your energy, increase your immunity, and elevate into your highest potential.

Join us in miami sept 9th - 11th

Early Bird VIP Special Access

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  • Personal Connections with Speakers
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  • Stream All Main Stage Footage For One Year INCLUDED
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Join the VIP experience!

The speakers behind AUREA are historic world-changers. 

One conversation, one connection, one moment with any of them could change your life or your business forever.

Your VIP Ticket will provide you with intimate access to their unique brilliance and insights to create a better world for yourself and those you’re meant to serve.

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  • A Massive Content Library
  • Exclusive VIP Party With Speakers, DJ, & Influencers
  • Faena Sky Lounge VIP Access During AUREA With Speakers
  • The Ability To Co-Create With World-Changing Leaders of The New Earth

Early Bird General Admission

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  • World-Class Inspiration, Music, & Activations
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  • Stream 30+ Hours OFF-STAGE Exclusive Content​
  • Backstage VIP Access
  • Exclusive Friday VIP Party

the deal of the year

Our goal is to strike the balance between making AUREA accessible to all and packed with incredible value.

We’ve kept tickets under $300 to make it possible for almost anyone to join us. 

If you’re ready to make the leap into your dream life, this is your moment!

Enjoy incredible music, consciousness-expanding healing sessions, world-class presentations, and connecting with other Golden Age Leaders on the path of their greatness. 

Join us!!

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can't Make it to AUREA?

While there’s NOTHING like being at AUREA in person, our mission is to shift consciousness AT SCALE. 

So, we launched a live-stream platform to allow ANYONE to access these world-changing presentations, activation, and musical performances.

We’re even giving the entire day Saturday away for FREE! Enter your email below to join us!

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AUREA's Speaker & Activation Schedule

  • 2:00 - 5:00 • VIP Experience, DJ Mike Winner

  • 5:00 • Doors Open for General Admission

    • Eagle & Condor Prayers with Grácia Maria and Lila Lotus
    • Chief Tuwe of the Huni Kuin Tribe Shares Shamanic Wisdom
    • Full Moon Alignment Drumming & Dance
    • DJ Katrella & Eli Light
  • 7:00 • Opening Ceremony
  • 7:45 • Agustina Caminos Pranic Energy Blessing

  • 8:00 • Jeff Parker & Jackson Strong

  • 8:30 • David & Leila Centner

  • 9:15 • Keysel & Katie Burns-Lee

  • 9:45 • Giselle World Concert and Dance Party

  • 8:00 • Dynamic Meditation, Yoga, & Sound Healing

  • 9:00 • Complimentary Breakfast

  • 9:30 • Jeff Parker & Jackson Strong Open The Day

  • 9:45 • Kaya Leigh

  • 10:30 • Josh Del Sol

  • 11:15 • Sean Stone

  • 12:00 • Freedom Panel:

    • Alec Zeck, Sean Stone, Fabienne Claude, Krystal Tini, Sayer Ji
  • 1:15 • Shay Rowbottom

  • 2:00 • Charles Eisenstein

  • 2:45 • Jeff Parker & Jackson Strong

  • 3:30 • Leadership Panel: Stephen Brooks, Charles Eisenstein, Kaya Leigh, Nour Kawa

  • 4:45 • Abraham Casallas

  • 5:00 • Success Panel

  • 5:30 • A Call to Excellence

  • 6:00 • Technology Sovereignty Panel: 
    • Mike Winner, Jason Crowe, Florian Fournier, Oto Gomez
  • 6:45 • Stephen Brooks

  • 7:30 • Sayer Ji Keynote

  • 8:30 • Sacred Union Ceremony

  • 8:00 • The Wave with Julia Grace
  • 9:00 • Breathwork with Nataliya Priess
  • 9:30 • Shakti Kirtan
  • 10:00 • David Avocado Wolfe Livestream
  • 10:30 • Giselle World
  • 11:00 • Jeff Parker & Jackson Strong
  • 11:30 • Calling To Excellence
    • Josh Del Sol, Nataliya Priess, Lila Lotus, Agustina Caminos, Mike Winner
  • 12:30 • Spirituality Panel
  • 2:00 • Paul Chek Livestream

  • 3:30 • Jim Gale

  • 4:15 • Dr. Joél Bohemier

  • 5:00 • Leah Wilson

  • 5:30 • Psychedelics Panel

    • Dustin Robinson, Coach Jeremy, Zappy Zapolin, Bianca Abbott, Grácia Maria
  • 6:30 • Kevin Walton

  • 7:00 • Closing Ceremony

  • 8:00 • Lotus Collective

Join Us At Faena Forum Sept 9th - 11th

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There is valet parking at Faena, a public lot next door, and street parking. That said, this is in Miami Beach so plan ahead or uber if you're concerned about parking. 

Yes we will have excellent food and drinks available.

Please see the above listing for the days and times of different speakers.

If you have additional questions please write to

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AUREA Step Into The Gloden Age

AUREA: Step Into The Golden Age  |  Faena Forum, September 9th – 11th  |  A Pursuit of Kings Production

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