AUREA Step Into The Gloden Age

Create The Divine Plan for Your Life

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in an age of Fear & Division...

living your purpose is more important than ever

AUREA is a community of soul-driven entrepreneurs, visionaries, artists, healers, and leaders.

Our live experiences and mastermind coaching will activate your power and passion so you can live your purpose.

Join us and find the energy, tribe, and heroic identity required to bring your dreams to life.

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AUREA stands for:

The leaders who step up

the Entrepreneurs who dare to dream

the artists who Courageously Express Their vision

everyone seeking to embody their soul's calling on earth

join AUREA if you're seeking:

  • a supportive community of Like-Minded Creators
  • inspiration & Training to Abundantly Live your purpose
  • Motivation to Build A Golden Age through Community
  • courage to break free from a Corrupt society
  • Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurial training
  • Advanced Leadership Research & Techniques
  • Personal Stories of Change Makers Who Overcame Resistance
  • profound lessons from past and present Controversies
  • Cutting Edge Health Optimization & Activism
  • Ancient Spiritual wisdom in a modern context
  • the Faith and Mindset of Golden Age Leadership
  • So much more


Uplifting World Music & Ecstatic Dance

All revolutions require music to succeed. Our heart-centered musical artists will open you to new realities and potentials. 

Spiritual Activations

Every shift in life requires a shift in identity and consciousness. 

AUREA’s Spiritual Guides will open your heart and delight your soul with sound healing, inspired movement, and profound energetic healing so you can experience life in resonance with your truth, your soul, and your mission.

join us to create the world your heart knows is possible

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Join us to know, feel, and believe in yourself and in your mission like never before

It’s easy to fall into the trap of despair and not give our gifts fully.

Everyday we’re told to be afraid.

We’re made to feel like we’re not enough.

We’re tempted to think that the problems of the world are too big, too tragic, too complex to solve…

Your opportunity NOW is step into your Leader’s Journey, and see our challenges as Divinely-Appointed Opportunities to rise into your heroic potential.


Everything about AUREA, every speaker, every vendor, every  moment, is intentionally designed to bring your greatest qualities and consciousness to the surface.

You will leave with a new community, an inspired heart, and an elevated capacity to build the Golden Age on Earth.

View Performances From AUREA Activators And Musicians

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Giselle World

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Sacred Union

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Julia Grace

The Five Pillars of AUREA


Join us to witness proven leaders sharing the skills, habits, and methods to unlock your power.

You life depends on your ability to lead yourself, your loved ones, and the tribe you intend to influence.


What's really going on the in the world? What's at risk if we don't step up as Golden Age Leaders?

Come, find out, and tell the world about how YOU can step up and address these issues as a Golden Age Leader.


We all have a critical role in the cosmic symphony of life.

Humanity is craving guidance from proven leaders in how to tap into their talents and profit from expressing their unique gifts. Now it's you turn


Fortifying our faith and overcoming fear is crucial to stepping into our Divine Purpose and owning our Hero's Journey.

Come connect with those who have found their creative power and spiritual center to live with peace, presence, and passion.


Owning our health decisions is crucial, especially in the age of Covid.

Now is the time to learn how to unleash your energy, increase your immunity, and elevate into your highest potential.

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AUREA Step Into The Gloden Age

AUREA: Step Into The Golden Age
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